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  • Did your doctor tell you that your only option is a "cornea transplant"?
  • Does the thought of having a cornea transplant scare you?
  • Are you concerned about driving at night?
  • Do you feel hopeless and that there are no other options?
  • Do you have glare and halos at night?
  • Do you ever feel depressed because of your vision?
  • Do you avoid going out at night?
  • Are you concerned you won't pass the driver's test at the DMV?
  • Did you go in for LASIK, but were surprised to find out you have Keratoconus?
  • Did you doctor NOT tell you about other options such as Holcomb C3-R and Intacs?
  • Do you feel there is no hope and depressed at times?
  • Are you concerned about your Keratoconus getting worse in the future?

If you answered YES to any of the above, you may be a candidate for

"modern day" Keratoconus procedures that can change your life AND avoid you ever needing a cornea transplant.

It may have been many years that you have suffered from Keratoconus. Some people think it is too good to be true that something now can be done.  This website WILL provide you with hope that there are other treatments.  You can regain what you've lost - just like thousands of our patients. Gold medalist Steven Holcomb did, thousands of other people did...and now you can too.  There IS hope!

At last, now something can be done...and it's NOT a risky cornea transplant.

Keratoconus Athlete Wins Gold and double Bronze Medals!

Steven Holcomb, U.S. Bobsled Driver and Keratoconus Patient Wins The 2010 Gold Medal 4-Man

Bobsled - First in 62 Years!  In 2014, he won two Bronze medals in Sochi - making history again!


Also covered on NBC's Today Show

Boxer Wachler Vision at Vancouver 2010 and Sochi 2014!

The Steven Holcomb Story


Steve Holcomb and Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler after Steve's Olympic Gold Medal victory - which was made possible by Dr. Boxer Wachler's treatment of Steve's Keratoconus. Steven Holcomb with Dr. Brian after bringing home the Gold - first time in 62 years.

All eyes have been on Gold and double Bronze Medalist U.S. Bobsled driver Steven Holcomb since he made history February 27, 2010 by driving his ominous sled named the "Night Train" to glory, winning the first U.S. 4-man Gold in 62 years which was covered the Today Show and many other shows. 

He followed that up in Sochi in 2014 by winning two Bronze medals, making history again.  Steven is now the MOST successful American bobsled athlete of all time with three Olympic medals.

However, it wasn't always this way for our patient Steven.  Steven had Keratoconus, a devastating degenerative eye disease that weakened his cornea, the outer lens of the eye.  In 2007, Steven's Keratoconus worsened to the point of making him legally blind and Steven was put on the cornea transplant list. Steven didn't want to put his teammates' safety at risk due to his failing eyesight. He officially retired from his beloved sport in June of 2007.  Steven had been an athlete his whole life and was training and competing for over a decade to win a medal in Bobsled.  At that time, his hope for a medal had vanished. But the U.S. Team, U.S. Bobsled Federation, his teammates, and coaches wouldn't let him stay retired. They knew there must be something out there to keep him in the sport and competing. They saw potential in Steven that could be realized if his vision could be restored.


Watch videos about Steven Holcomb and Holcomb C3-R Treatment.
Watch videos about Steve Holcomb and Holcomb C3-R Treatment.

Dr. Boxer Wachler's treatment of Steve Holcomb's Keratoconus helped him keep his eyesight - and dreams of Olympic glory.


They researched alternatives to the risky and painful cornea transplant surgery, the traditional treatment for Keratoconus.  That's how they found me to treat his Keratoconus with a non-surgical treatment called Holcomb C3-R® , a combination of vitamin applications and light to strengthen the cornea. 

Folowing that, I placed an insertable contact lens to further improve his vision. Steven immediately came out of retirement with his new eyesight in early 2008.  This enabled Steven and his "Night Train to go on to win the World Bobsled Championship in 2009, the first the U.S. had done in 50 years.  Steven and the Night Train became the top rated bobsled team in the world.  Holcomb C3-R® is credited for saving Steven's eyesight. 


Steve Holcomb and Dr. Boxer Wachler celebrate Steve's World-Cup Victory.  Steve can now continue his bob-sledding career after Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler's revolutionary C3-R procedure.
Celebrating Steven's World Championship in 2009 (journalist Alan Abrahamson, right)


The U.S. Bobsled Team paid for Steven's Holcomb C3-R® procedure because they had extensively researched it and were confident with its results. Steven went from being legally blind and retired to having great vision and World Champion - an incredible comeback. 

Then on February 11, I went to Vancouver for a press conference with Steven and the U.S. Bobsled team to discuss Steven's remarkable comeback (or "second chance" as Steven says) and do the final eye exam before sending him off to race. 



Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler and Steve Holcomb celebrate Steve's Gold Medal victory - made possible by Dr. Boxer Wachler's treatment of Steve's Keratoconus.
Steven and Dr. Brian just after Steve and the "Night Train" won Gold - first U.S. Bobsled Gold in 62 years.

Bobsled champion Steven Holcomb has new vision

Steven Holcomb's recent book "But Now I See" is widely available at book sellers.

On February 26 and 27, I was at the bobsled track with my family to support Steven and the "Night Train" in their quest for Gold. I routinely posted updates on our Facebook, Twitter, and blog feeds (see below).  Moments after Steven crossed the finish line winning first place and the Gold, I had tears streaming down my face, hugging my wife and family. It was quite an emotional day for many there as history was made on more than one level.  We are all so happy for Steven and his team - they earned it!!  See Today Show video below right after they won gold.

The "Holcomb C3-R" procedure was renamed on The Doctors TV show on April 9, 2010.  The marked the first time a procedure was named in honor of an Gold Medal athlete - both Steven and the Holcomb C3-R® procedure are now world-famous.

Steven's recent book, BUT NOW I SEE, details his comeback and is widely available at book sellers. If you have Keratoconus, then his book is a MUST read.

Steven's story is an inspiration to millions of people.  Steven says he was given a "second chance" and now SO MANY other people can also have a "second chance" with these procedures that we perform almost daily...for over 15 years ...for patients who come to us from all over the country.   That's why we do what we do here.  It's all about changing lives for the better.

Our staff can provide you more information and answer your questions if you call 310-594-5210.

Warmest regards,

Brian S. Boxer Wachler, MD


Watch the historic naming of Holcomb
C3-R on Dr. Phil's The Doctors
daytime TV show



Keratoconus Featured on NBC's TODAY SHOW

Holcomb C3-R® Saves Student's Vision, Life Restored!


2010 Vision Awards

Dr. Brian and Steven Holcomb were honored at the 2010 Vision Awards for their historic accomplishments with Holcomb C3-R® that led to a Gold Medal in Vancouver during the 2010 4-man bobsled event.  Dr. Brian received the Jules Stein Living Tribute Award for inventing Holcomb C3-R® and Steven received the Athlete of Vision Award for his Gold Medal.  Many celebrities were on hand including of the Black Eyed Peas, astronaut Buzz Aldrin, comedienne Lilly Tomlin, cosmetic dentist Dr. Bill Dorfman, and actor Billy Bob Thornton among many others.


Dr. Brian speaking
Steven Holcomb at the podium
Dr. Brian before the press
Steven Holcomb with his gold medal and plaque
Buzz Aldrin
Dr. Bill Dorfman
Dr. Brian & Steven




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