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Brian S. Boxer Wachler, MD


Dr. Brian Boxer WachlerDr. Brian Boxer Wachler is a leading keratoconus treatment expert. He is considered by many as "The Keratoconus Guru." He was the first in the United States to report the results of Intacs for Keratoconus in 1999. For over 15 years, he has performed many thousands of Keratoconus procedures on patients from all over the world. He published the largest study to date on Intacs treatment for Keratoconus. Due to his pioneering work, Intacs is now recognized as a treatment for Keratoconus.

Dr. Brian is best selling author of 3 books on Keratoconus - Modern Management of Keratoconus, Holcomb C3-R Crosslinking for Keratoconus and Other Disorders & How We Conquered Keratoconus.

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Dr. Brian served on the medical advisory board for a non-profit keratoconus organization. He recently was presented with a Gold Medal for his scientific contributions for the reduction of glare and halo risk in vision correction surgery. He received the honor of serving as Vice-Chairperson of the International Society of Refractive Surgery Annual Meeting in 2002. He lectures, teaches and publishes extensively on surgical vision correction. Dr. Brian works with the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clinical trials for investigating new procedures, equipment, and protocols.

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Dr. Brian received the 2010 Jules Stein Living Tribute Award for inventing C3-R and performing it on U.S. Bobsled Driver Steven Holcomb that helped restore his vision enabling him to win the Gold Medal in 2010 at Vancouver - this was the first Gold Medal for the United States in bobsled in 62 years. "Holcomb C3-R" was renamed in Steven's honor on The Doctors television show in 2010 because of the world-wide recognition that Steven brought to the procedure.

Dr. Brian was the first doctor in the world (except for Germany) to perform corneal collagen cross linking and in 2003 he invented the 1 day recovery, non-invasive Holcomb C3-R Crosslinking System.

Dr. Brian has the LONGEST corneal crosslinking track record of any doctor in the United States, Canada, Asia, Latin America & South America, and Europe (except for Germany). Would you trust your precious eyes (you only have two of them!) to someone who just learned these procedures to save a few dollars? This is why patients from all over the world who have keratoconus signs come to Dr. Brian to learn about keratoconus causes and undergo treatment.

Dr. Brian is regarded as one of the top leaders in the sub-specialty of Keratoconus Vision Improvement. His role as the "doctor's doctor" has been earned through his unwavering integrity and broad expertise. He is often consulted by other eye surgeons who need assistance with challenging patients or by patients that need repairs.

He was the Director of the UCLA Laser Refractive Center at the Jules Stein Eye Institute for many years. He is also on staff at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Doctors representing all parts of the Medical Field commonly fly in from all over the United States and outside countries to have Dr. Brian treat them with his unique and proprietary treatments. His surgery patients also include many Registered Nurses and Pharmacists. Dr. Brian is also sought after by numerous celebrities, film and TV stars, famous musicians, professional athletes, CEOs, and goverment leaders in the United States and abroad who literally have millions of dollars on the line and trust only Dr. Brian with their eyes.

One of Dr. Brian's special qualities is that although he sees patients from all "walks of life" (famous and non-famous), Dr. Brian is described as one of the most "down to earth" doctors people have met. Everyone receives the same high quality of care regardless if you are a famous celebrity or a manual laborer in the field. He has a special empathy for all people who have eye problems since his career mission is to help everyone who needs him.

Please read the below note about Dr. Brian's practice philosophy:


Modern management of keratoconusAs well as being Board Certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology,     Dr. Brian is Chief Editor of the popular book, Modern Management of Keratoconus. He is the author of the LASIK Consumer Report, one of the most detailed and widely consulted consumer publications in the field. Dr. Brian has pioneered surgical techniques and guidelines that have become industry standard.  He also has been extensively interviewed on TV, radio, and in magazines and newspapers - Dr. Brian is considered "America's Eye Doctor" by the media.

Modern management of keratoconusA documentary filmmaker created a movie called "The Visionary" about Dr. Brian.


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Dr. Brian with his loving family


Dr. Brian is a "family man."

He has been married for over 20 years to Selina, whom he met in college at summer camp when they were counselors. He still refers to her as his "summer camp sweetheart."

He loves raising their fraternal twin daughters, now seven years old, and takes every Monday afternoon off from the office to pick up them up from school.




Answer: Partly because the type of person Dr. Brian is and partly because he became a doctor at Dartmouth Medical School.

Dr. Brian explains, "Our professors were incredibly humble and kind, yet famous - they commonly invited us students over to their homes for lunch or dinner where we met their own families. That is unheard of in any medical school.

Virtually all graduates of Dartmouth Medical School had this example that shaped the types of doctors we became: ‘down-to-earth’ and being just plain nice to people.

Those experiences back then helped shape how Dartmouth Medical School graduates practice medicine to this day - being kind and humble with our patients. 'No egos allowed'."

Dr. Brian and his family love dogs

As a surgeon, he enjoys working with his hands. In his spare time, he uses them to restore classic American muscle cars (his twin daughters even help out too!).

Click here to watch how he creatively incorporated a 1971 Dodger Charger R/T into an educational laser video.


In an educational piece about the Visian ICL lens for keratoconus and myopia, Dr. Brian created an entertaining film "Behind the Lens" about what it was like to do a live vision procedure in front of millions of people on NBC’s Today Show. If you'd like to see a "slice in the life" of Dr. Brian, you'll certainly enjoy this. 

P.S. The Charger makes a rare cameo appearance. P.P.S. This film features rare footage "from the vault" of Dr. Brian in tights! (not enough room to explain here - you'll have to watch the movie to understand)...

Click here to watch "Behind the Lens" at its Los Angeles premiere

A former college rower, Dr. Brian still races in rowing competitions. He made this video for his twin daughters when 8 years old to teach them "never give up when the going gets tough" - an important lesson about life regarding accomplishing goals.

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Dr. Brian teaching the latest techniques for managing keratoconus

Dr. Brian has extensively lectured around the world on his Keratoconus treatments.


Dr. Boxer Wachler's Resume, click here.


Dr. Brian was selected to give a prestigious TEDx talk about how he fought on behalf of patients diagnosed with Keratoconus (a degenerative eye disease), to pioneer the Holcomb C3-R® procedure to save them from cornea transplants.

He described the emotional battle and what he had to overcome to make Holcomb C3-R® the widely accepted procedure that it is today for patients with Keratoconus.

To watch a video of Dr. Brian's TEDx talk, click on the picture to the right.

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incredible TEDx talk.


2010 Vision Awards

Dr. Brian and Steven Holcomb were honored at the 2010 Vision Awards for their historic accomplishments with Holcomb C3-R® that led to a Gold Medal in Vancouver during the 2010 4-man bobsled event.  Dr. Brian received the Jules Stein Living Tribute Award for inventing Holcomb C3-R® and Steven received the Athlete of Vision Award for his Gold Medal.  Many celebrities were on hand including of the Black Eyed Peas, astronaut Buzz Aldrin, comedienne Lilly Tomlin, cosmetic dentist Dr. Bill Dorfman, and actor Billy Bob Thornton among many others.


Dr. Brian speaking
Steven Holcomb at the podium
Dr. Brian before the press
Steven Holcomb with his gold medal and plaque
Buzz Aldrin
Dr. Bill Dorfman
Dr. Brian & Steven



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Patients come to us from all over the United States and often from other countries.  Please click below to listen to patients share in their own words how the process was for them and the ways their lives have been changed.


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  The Health Minister of India congratulates Dr. Brian on receiving the Gold Medal Award. At the lower left is seated, Dr. Pallikaris, who invented the Lasik procedure.  

  Dr. Brian meets with Drs. Mortensen and Kristoffersson, who traveled from Sweden to learn more about Dr. Brian's techniques.  

  Dr. Brian speaking from a podium, after traveling to give a talk in Santiago, Chile.  

  Dr. Brian delivering a lecture in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  

  Dr. Brian speaking in Hong Kong.  

  Dr. Brian delivering a talk to eye
surgeons in Italy.

  Dr. Brian lecturing at
a Congress in Greece.

  Dr. Roberto Pinelli traveled from Italy to learn about Dr. Brian’s Keratoconus treatments.  


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